Design / Build Services

For Multifamily Properties

Gemstar offers turnkey Design/Build services whereby we act as the single point of responsibility for your multifamily property capital project, be it a renovation, reconstruction, remodel or secondary structure.

A Build/Design contract minimizes your risks and reduces both costs and the project timeline by overlapping the design and construction phase of the project. As your Design/Build Contractor, Gemstar is responsible for all of the work on the project.

Gemstar can perform most of the construction work using our own internal resources. For design, we draw from a trusted network of proven designers and engineers with whom we have strong, long-term relationships.

Design/Build Services

Design (Preconstruction Services)

  • Conceptual Designs: We work with you to turn your ideas into sketches or concepts. At this time, a preliminary estimate can be developed and revised along-side the concept until scope and budget are in accord.
  • Design Development: In this phase of the Design/Build process blueprints and specifications are produced. With this information, Gemstar can develop a detailed final bid, determine the necessary permits that will have to be secured and prepare a contract for construction.
  • Project Delivery: With a well-defined scope of work and firm numbers in place. Gemstar can produce the work to your complete satisfaction.


  • Project Completion: We will provide you with a detailed walk through and thorough explanation of systems and maintenance schedules, and how to deal with any warranty issues.